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Large recruitment Company that needed to increase EBITDA.

 The Problem

With an outgoing FD on notice period and owners with little understanding of how the finance department was performing the business did not know how or if they should replace the FD position.


The Solution

Azuki performed a full department assessment and met with each team member.  We mapped out all the systems and processes and gave the Board a formal report of our findings with our proposed recommendations.


Following this advice the Client let three members of the team go and implemented new software which enabled them to integrate and automate. Azuki was able to identify someone in the team with potential and continued to mentor them and now 2 years later they run the department and report directly into the Board.

Finally, we highlighted to the Client that their existing commission scheme was too generous and as a consequence, very little additional profit was flowing down to EBITDA for any new gross profit generated. We worked with them to model and implement a new scheme.


The Outcome

Due to the advice, integrations and automation that Azuki implemented we saved the Client £180k per annum. The new commission scheme was also launched across the business without any loss of staff and made the company considerably more profitable.

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