Meet the Team

Poonam Mawani Azuki Accounts
Poonam Mawani Managing Director

I set up Azuki after working as Finance Director for a number of high growth recruitment businesses. I wanted to offer the same high quality finance function to SME agencies!

I love working at Azuki because my team are AMAZING. Our diversity makes us a force to be reckoned with.

Fun fact about me – I’m a Spurs season ticket holder for my sins and collect Monopoly boards from around the world.

07740 190661

Adil Mawani Azuki Accounts
Adil Mawani Director

I joined Azuki after gaining a wealth of experience within the finance functions of both large corporates and high growth recruitment businesses.

I love working for Azuki because of the sense of achievement we get from helping our clients and becoming their trusted advisors.

Fun fact about me – my honeymoon was 9 months of backpacking with Poonam during which we visited 26 countries and 4 continents.

07968 765140

Sarah Carman Azuki Accounts
Sarah Carman Pay and Bill Manager

I started in pay and bill at a recruitment business 8 years ago. Working my way up the ladder from admin to pay and bill manager.

Azuki is unlike any other firm I’ve ever worked for. We all pull together to get the job done #Azukifamily!

Fun fact about me: I’m a Westlife fan (guilty pleasure)

Lisa Harris Azuki Accounts
Lisa Harris Credit Control

I started in Customer Service/ Sales which sometimes had a "no I don't want it" answers. Now with 20 years’ experience in Credit Control and accounts administration I can assure you, I don’t take no for an answer and you will get paid!!

Azuki is the most enjoyable company I have every worked for. The team are the friendliest bunch of people and you are well supported.

Fun Fact about me: I am a gym junkie - every evening without fail after work, twice a day if I can. Not bad for a woman with grown up kids!!!

Andreea Amariei Azuki Accounts
Andreea Amariei Accounts Supervisor

I started as an Accounts Assistant covering multiple roles including Pay & Bill and focusing more now on Management Accounts.

I love Azuki’s culture and our amazing and supportive team. Also, our clients are the best!

Fun Fact – I went on a team lunch once and asked the waiter where the chicken dishes were to be told that it was a vegetarian restaurant!

Judith Rubra Azuki Accounts
Judith Rubra Management Accountant

I used to work with Poonam when she was at Spencer Ogden and decided to re-join her. I’ve been working as a management accountant for over 30 years.

I love working at Azuki because we build great relationships with our clients.

Fun Fact – I’m weird and like anchovies – oh and a doner kebab (but not together)!

Minal Patel Azuki Accounts
Minal Patel Management Accountant

My first role in accounting was working as an account’s assistant for GSK back in 2002 and I have worked in finance ever since! I am now a qualified accountant and have worked for various recruitment businesses for almost 15 years.

I have been working as a management accountant for Azuki for more than 3 years and have loved it. It is such a fun and innovative company to work for and the team are so amazing, friendly, and supportive.

Fun fact: My perfect day would start with chocolate and end with chocolate!

Karen Donoghue Azuki Accounts
Karen Donoghue Internal Payroll Guru

Decades ago I started work as a personnel clerk in a Sainsbury's store, which lead to a regional HR systems support role, still within Sainsbury's and eventually HR systems support at the Sainsbury's Head Office in London. After a career break to have my two children I then became a payroll administrator in 2008, eventually joining the Azuki Team in July 2019.

After years working solo, it is great to be part of a professional team again, interacting with others on a daily basis.

Even though I suffer with poor circulation in cold weather, it doesn't stop me escaping the dreary winter here for the amazing ski slopes in the French Alps!

Kriza Bacani Azuki Accounts
Kriza Bacani Accounts Supervisor

I have been working as an Accountant for more than four years, from being a part of a team of one of the biggest shopping centers to being the officer in charge of a hotel and Marina Yacht Club.

Currently I'm doing the bookkeeping for different clients of Azuki, from processing the daily transactions and expenses, reviewing and updating their accounts to maintaining the bank statements reconciled and up to date.

I love working with Azuki because the team itself is very accommodating and approachable. I am able to learn how to be flexible in handling the different needs of the clients. I like how their software takes away the burden of a complex process in doing the work and how it makes the work so manageable and easy.

Ghada Alshammary Azuki Accounts
Ghada Alshammary Pay and Bill Administrator

After graduating I found myself needing some more experience. I started my career as a bookkeeper for a charity organisation and kept seeking progression. This is when I came across to Azuki and I can honestly say it was the best decision I made.

I love working at Azuki because the team is amazing and the environment is welcoming. The team is extremely nice and great individuals to work with. I look forward to progressing further within the company and get to know the team better.

Fun fact about me is I’m a huge Friends fan, I’ve watch it so many times that I know exactly what’s going to happen and what the actors lines are. P.S I’m on my 24th run of friends, all 10 series is 85 hours.

Debra Green Azuki Accounts
Debra Green Management Accountant

After completing an Accountancy degree in 91, I moved to London and went into Cinema Management, working in a number of West End cinema sites, and then Theatre FOH Management as well. After having children I needed to work more regular hours so moved to the theatre finance department.

From there I moved to a childcare/NVQ provider as their Business Manager before other finance roles in differing businesses.

Along side working I studied with the ICB to be able to have a Practice Licence and started my own Bookkeeping and Payroll practice in July 2016. A year later I also began working part time with Azuki.

I enjoy working with varied clients and businesses and Azuki gives me that opportunity as well as working with a supportive and friendly team of people.

Fun fact about me: I'm a big Formula 1 fan and would love to get to a live race. I have walked some of the Monaco circuit but not on a race weekend!

Ben Clarke Azuki Accounts
Ben Clarke Trainee Accountant

I recently graduated in Economics and am looking forward to training as an Accountant with the team at Azuki.

Azuki has a really good family dynamic and everyone gets along well. This is really good to know when joining as a recent graduate and trainee with the firm.

Fun fact about me: I have met and had a conversation with the legendary documentary presenter Louis Theroux

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