Elevate | Levelling up your Recruitment Business

Levelling up your recruitment business

This is a 12 week programme that helps you implement ‘best practice’ infrastructure to support growth and make your business exit ready.

There are modules for you to go through weekly and tools to implement in your business.

This comes with a virtual weekly catch up with Poonam Mawani and the occasional guests at the same time each week to go through any questions and help you to make those changes in your business.

Areas covered:

  • How to read your management accounts
  • What does my balance sheet tell me?
  • What should my tech stack need to look like for a scaleable back office
  • What are the different ways to exit my business
  • What is involved in the actual exit process
  • What strategies are there for growing my business
  • What does my support services function need to do to work seamlessly with sales

What Will I Learn?

The Course Syllabus is split into weeks with new videos being released every week.

Week 1

  • How to interpret your management accounts
  • Key financial terminology and what it all means
  • Understanding what your end goal actually is and what you need to do to achieve it

Week 2

  • Evaluating your tech stack and what changes need to be made to create a scalable infrastructure
  • How to manage your business cashflow and what funding options are available

Week 3

  • What are the key controls you can put in place to ensure your numbers are accurate
  • What is the best way to attract, motivate and retain a high quality finance team

Week 4

  • How to ensure that finance and the contracts and compliance team work cohesively together

Week 5

  • What key financial reports should I be reviewing on a regular basis.
  • What should these reports include

Week 6

  • Do I have a robust commission scheme that is scaleable and motivates key performers?
  • What key ratios should I be monitoring to check the performance of the sales team and health of my business
  • What other incentives are available and the pros and cons of each

Week 7

  • Which experts should I have in my ‘speed dial’ list and why

Week 8

  • What are the common pitfalls that other recruitment business owners come across and how to mitigate the risks

Week 9

  • Strategies available for growth
  • Which are the right ones to adopt to achieve my exit plan

Week 10

  • What are the common methods of business valuation
  • What factors will increase my ‘multiple’
  • What are the most common types of deal structure and what the terminology means

Week 11

  • How do I fund my exit
  • What are the different types of exit and the pros and cons of each

Week 12

  • Bringing in all of the above into a business plan that will give you the roadmap for your journey to ‘exit’
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