Success Stories

The names of the businesses have been removed to maintain confidentiality.

Marginal gains are the key to success

An ambitious contract recruiter with 30 contractors working to very low margins.  The Problem Our Client’s invoice discounting facility (IDF) was only paying out 80% of gross invoices. They also had issues with the concentration of their debtors because one debtor made up a huge part of the total debtor book. This meant the bank… Read more “Marginal gains are the key to success”

Accounting into Pharmaceutical Companies
£4.5m Turnover
GP £600k
1 Internal Staff 

Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.

  A fast-growing recruitment company with plans to open several international offices.  The Problem Our Client’s Pay and Bill Manager left with short notice. That left a massive hole in the Company’s finance function at an important stage of their growth. Time was of the essence.   The Solution Azuki helicoptered in and started by… Read more “Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.”

Pharma & Life Sciences
£70m Turnover
£7.5m EBITDA
80 Internal Staff 

It’s time to bring in the experts

  Large recruitment Company that needed to increase EBITDA.  The Problem With an outgoing FD on notice period and owners with little understanding of how the finance department was performing the business did not know how or if they should replace the FD position.   The Solution Azuki performed a full department assessment and met… Read more “It’s time to bring in the experts”

SAP into multiple sectors
£25m Turnover
£5.5m GP
5 internal back office/finance staff 

It Takes Two Flints to Make a Fire

The Client A boutique contract recruitment agency. The Problem The Client decided to obtain their own IDF line rather than using other total pay and bill funding solutions. The Solution We had been working with the business almost since their inception and Azuki were on hand to manage the whole end to end finance solution.… Read more “It Takes Two Flints to Make a Fire”

£6.5m Turnover
£1.2 GP
10 Internal Staff

The Price is Right

The Client A recruitment company looking to get purchased, but only in the right circumstances. The Problem Azuki took over the accounts for the Client from another external bookkeeper who didn’t know recruitment. We identified many issues with the accounts including the fact that holiday pay had been calculated incorrectly. This needed to be rectified… Read more “The Price is Right”

Blue Collar
£7.3m Turnover
£1.5 GP
25 Internal Staff

Systems, Systems, Systems!

Third Sector Accountants

The Client A recruitment company with an in house finance team using desktop accounting software and not using the Pay and Bill software. The Problem Cashflow was an issue and Pay and Bill was being done manually every day and all payments were entered into the bank manually!  The error rate was extremely high due… Read more “Systems, Systems, Systems!”

Public & Third Sector
£12.5m Turnover
£2.4 GP
20 Internal Staff

Systems, Systems, Systems 2.0

The Client A recruitment company with a 2 in person house finance team who were processing Pay and Bill manually every week.  Pay and bill was processed multiples times each week. The Problem Processing Pay and Bill manually weekly is very time consuming and the risk of human error is high. The Solution We implemented… Read more “Systems, Systems, Systems 2.0”

Finance, HR into NHS
£5.8m Turnover
£1.3 GP
12 Internal Staff and 100 Contractors
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