Systems, Systems, Systems!

The Client

A recruitment company with an in house finance team using desktop accounting software and not using the Pay and Bill software.

The Problem

Cashflow was an issue and Pay and Bill was being done manually every day and all payments were entered into the bank manually!  The error rate was extremely high due to manual processing and contractor volumes and there was no standardised pay and bill process.

The Solution

Azuki did a review of the finance function highlighting the changes that needed to be made.  The Finance Manager did not want to be part of the change and resigned. Azuki stepped in to take on the management accounts.

We migrated them to cloud based accounting software and trained the internal team on how to use the pay and bill software.  We also implemented payments technology so no manual bank payments were required.  The time spent on Pay and Bill was reduced to half a day per week.

The Outcome

Cashflow is now very healthy and pay and bill is only run once a week.  This has freed up capacity in the in house team too.

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