Meet the female accountants bringing value to recruitment businesses

Offering finance solutions for recruitment businesses, Azuki understands the importance of nurturing all areas of your company to help it grow. That’s why they take away the stress of the accounting and financial obligations that recruitment businesses face, so they can focus on what really matters to them.

But who are the people behind the solutions? Let’s meet the female accountants and finance professionals who work at Azuki, who are bringing huge value to recruitment businesses right now.

Poonam Mawani – Managing Director


Poonam is the Managing Director of Azuki and she decided to go into the finance sector after doing the books for her parents business. A task which she took on at a young age. But she hadn’t always wanted to work in the finance industry, in fact, as a child she had her heart set on being a lawyer.

When asked what she loves most about working in finance, Poonam said that she enjoys that it’s very black and white. “The figures are either right or wrong, there’s no ambiguity. Numbers don’t lie.”

And when asked what her favourite thing about working at Azuki is, she said that it is her team. She even referred to them as her extended family, saying “you spend so much of your life at work, I couldn’t imagine doing it with people I didn’t like.”

Minal Patel – Management Accountant


With 10 years accountancy experience within recruitment under her belt, Minal only really discovered her love of accounts when she began studying her CIMA exams.  At school she enjoyed maths and sciences and went onto study a business information systems degree.

Her love of finance is born from the fact that it’s essential to any business making decisions; it’s not just number crunching.  Contrary to the media depiction , accountants love to meet new people “I love working with the team, everyone’s so friendly and supportive. Azuki is also an innovative company, always finding better ways of doing things.”

Minal also loves the green credentials “It’s the first paperless office I’ve worked in – it’s brilliant!”


Debra Green – Management Accountant


Working alongside Poonam, Debra is passionate about accounting having always wanted to work in the industry. However, after studying accountancy at university she took a break from finance to go into cinema/theatre management.  After having her children, she found her way back into an accounting role with Azuki.

Debra’s favourite thing about working in finance is that it is the hub of any business, therefore she can get involved with lots of areas of the different companies that she works with. Not only that, but she enjoys translating what happens within a business into figures.

For her, the best part about working at Azuki is that the company is modern, forward thinking and flexible. The team are friendly and they support and teach one another.

Christine Otote – Assistant Management Accountant


Next up is Christine, who is an assistant management accountant at Azuki. Her favourite part of working for the company is that the atmosphere is very relaxed and laid back.

Christine’s accounting career began after an old friend recommended that she take a bookkeeping course. And the rest as they say, is history. For her, the best part about working as an accountant is the financial security, after all, finance is fundamental to everyday life.

Mi-Cah Duberry-Magloire – Accounts Assistant


The newest member to the team is Mi-cah. When she was younger she wanted to be a Chemist, but circumstances conspired to take her down this route: her college closed down whilst she was doing A-Levels and because of funding no other places would take her.  Finding something that involved using maths was important.  That’s when she discovered finance. “I love the fact that in finance there are so many different aspects and so many things you can do with your qualifications. There’s something for everyone. “

Andreea Amariei – Accounts Assistant


Last, but certainly not least, is Andreea who like Poonam hadn’t always seen herself as an accountant but rather a lawyer. Then, at the age of 18 she began helping a finance team whilst working in a retail position. This sparked her interest in the finance industry.

But for Andreea, it’s the structure and organised nature of the finance sector that is most appealing, “finance work aligns with my personality – highly organised, logical and reliable.” Her love for Azuki stems from the great work environment and the team she works with.


So whilst life plans never started out with any of Azuki becoming finance professionals, the recruitment industry is lucky that this formidable group of ladies has come together, with a few men as well (although they are very much in the minority and absolutely not in charge!), to deliver, not only skills lacking in many recruitment businesses, but an interesting dynamic that cannot be received by any other accountancy supplier to the industry.

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