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Contractor Payroll


We deal with all pay types and pay frequencies. This includes full pay and bill processes involving timesheets, invoicing and payments to contractors.

We are able to deal with all pay types (e.g PAYE workers or Personal Service Companies) and pay frequencies.  We deal with the full pay and bill process involving timesheets, invoicing and payments to contractors. We use Engage Partners Software which will be branded for your Company and facilitates online approval of timesheets as well as paper versions. This can be transferred to you when required to manage directly.  The software integrates directly with most CRM and accounting systems. Engage Partners is a fraction of the price for other ‘off the shelf’ mid office systems.

We are AWR compliant and would produce all payslips and submissions under Real Time Information. We would provide you with weekly gross profit reports and can also take on all credit control requirements. We would also manage any funding arrangements in place (e.g. invoice discounting) and all required reporting.

Contractor Payroll
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